Test & Verification Engineer

Test & Verification Engineer


REPORTING TO: Manager Engineering Lab


In this position you will be responsible for testing packaging and equipmentdevelopment and innovation projects. The role will include testing, developing tests,building test rigs and testing report writing. You will ensure that all documentations areto Diversey standards and all testing work is fully documented, working within thequality system. You will work closely with the project engineers and technicians todevelop the test programs and report the results. You will also provide suggestions forfurther testing and improvements on testing in close cooperation with the designengineers.


Development of tests, from the samples and materials preparation, to accurateand detailed reporting writing. Generate and update all the test documentation,before, during and at the end of the test;- Develop, build and operate test rigs for development and long term verificationof systems under development;- Report on and interpret results of testing to appropriate design engineer;- Support maintaining the testing facilities through continual maintenanceprogram;- Support sample making through the use of rapid prototyping and traditionalworkshop skills, test fixtures and jigs required by the development teams andthe project leaders;- Support in the development of new testing techniques or improvement of thecurrent ones.



  • Bachelor´s or Master’s degree in mechanical, mechatronics, electronics,electrical, industrial design engineering or related technical background;
  • 2-3 years of experience working in a lab or industrial environment or other area with testing equipment;
  • Hands on / prototyping skills, typical workshop tools handling, drilling/millingmachines;
  • Data analysis and basic statistics;
  • Skills to prioritize work and ensure timely delivery of projects;
  • Creative and innovative;
  • Good team working;
  • Fluent in English;
  • Enjoys administrative work and is able to work with detail and precision;
  • Can work independently and accurately even under tight project deadlines;
  • High level of flexibility according to different projects deadlines.


  • Production test fixtures;
  • Mechanical / mechatronics / electronic background;
  • Knowledge in electronics and programming;
  • CAD Skills, preferably Solidworks;
  • Hydraulics and pneumatics knowledge / experience is an advantage;
  • Experience with 3D prototyping and metrology (coordinates measuring);
  • Chemical knowledge / experience is an advantage;
  • Experience / knowledge in liquid dispensing systems is an advantage.

Required education:

  • Master’s

Required experience:

  • lab/industrial environment: 3 years

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